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How To Lose Belly Fat In Week With Guaranteed

How To Lose Belly Fat In Week: I am going to tell you something that impacted me, belly fat is the most dangerous for health because it is found around vital organs, in addition to raising the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart attacks, among other diseases .


According to Arthur Agatston, wellness director for Baptist Health South Florida, and creator of the South Beach Diet, “waist fat is different and is what really determines risk.”

For his part, Ronald Goldberg, an endocrinologist at the University of Miami, assures that when there is fat in the abdomen, the tissues become stressed and develop an inflammatory response. “If it is a short-term situation, it disappears and everything returns to normal, but when that fat remains, it can be chronic and damage the tissue.”

That is why I am going to tell you how you can start removing it. It is not magic, it is called change of habits and believe me that in a week you will start to see results.

How To Lose Belly Fat In Week

Weight Loss

how to lose belly fat in week

Lose Belly Fat In Week: The reality is that there are no miracle remedies for losing fat overnight, but with a balanced diet and exercise you can achieve results from the first week, your stomach will begin to deflate!

Eliminate saturated fats and incorporate good fats into your diet

Including monounsaturated fats in your diet will help reduce the risk of disease. But, beware, it is about replacing the “bad” with the good, not just that you start eating more of this type of fat. Some examples are: olive oil, nuts, seeds, nuts, avocado and olives.

Eat vegetables

It looks like an ad, but there is no more. Make sure to incorporate vegetables because, in addition to being nutritious and low in calories, they will make you feel satisfied.

Say no to flour

It is proven that abdominal fat accumulates, in large part, from the consumption of refined white flours: bread, to put it simply.

The nutritionist Maricarmen Osés, a nutritionist certified by the Mexican College of Nutritionists, explains that the foods with the highest fat and sugar that accumulate in the abdomen are:

  • Sweet bread
  • Refined box cereals with sugar
  • Sweetened biscuits
  • Ice cream
  • Soft drinks
  • Beer
  • Mayonnaise

Don’t stop eating

That belief that if you stop eating you lose weight is a total and absolute lie. Eating little will make your body store fat, so you have to eat, but do it in a healthy way. On average, women should consume less than 1,500 calories a day, while men require 1,700.

Burn calories

Each extra kilo is equivalent to 7 thousand calories, that’s what you have to focus on when losing weight. This decrease is not automatic. In fact, it is best to lose 1 to 3 kilograms per month, but it is essential to reduce calorie intake and burn existing calories with exercise.

Avoid soft drinks and DRINK WATER

Water helps you fill your stomach, this way you will feel more satisfied. The ideal is 2 liters a day. You will be hydrated and better control your appetite.

Focus on other things that also help you lose weight

A restful sleep, of at least 8 hours, is also essential to lose weight. In fact, it has been shown that if you don’t sleep, instead of losing fat, you increase it. One tip: you burn more calories if you sleep naked. Another factor that helps you eliminate abdominal fat fast is to lower your stress levels because it causes the hormone cortisol to be produced, which makes us store fat, especially in the middle part of the body.

How To Lose Belly Fat In Week With Guaranteed

Lean on natural remedies that do work and don’t hurt

Laurel cinnamon tea on an empty stomach is a super effective remedy. It has digestive and detoxifying properties, expelling the retained liquids. However, it is not magic either, you have to complement it with a healthy diet and constant exercise.

Its preparation is very simple. Bring a liter of water to a boil, when it is at its boiling point add a teaspoon of canerla and 6 bay leaves. Lower the heat and let the tea concentrate for 5 minutes. Once cold, take a glass in the morning and consume the rest as time water for the rest of the day.

How To Lose Belly Fat In Week – Of course you can lower your tummy from the first week!


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Ebola Knocks After Corona in Congo, Five People Dead, WHO Also Confirms

Mabandaka After the global epidemic corona virus which has spread all over the world, Ebola virus has knocked in Congo. This has been confirmed by the local authorities as well as the World Health Organization. According to the information, six new cases of Congo Ebola have been reported, four of them have died.

According to the information, Congo health officials said on Monday that six new cases of Ebolavirus have been reported in the western city of Mabandaka. Five of these patients have died. Let it be said that this is the second time after the year 2018, new cases of Ebola virus have been reported in Congo.

The Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros, said the Congo’s health ministry gave information about the Ebola virus cases. However, in the city where there have been cases of Ebola virus, no cases of coronavirus have been reported so far. However, nearly 3,000 cases of corona have been reported across the Congo so far. He said that Corona and Ebola have no relationship.


Ebola is a regional disease in the tropical rainforest region of Africa, which spreads when an unstable person is exposed to fluids from the body. Symptoms include a sudden onset of fever, weakness, muscle aches, and a sore throat.

This is followed by vomiting, diarrhea, and in some cases internal and external bleeding. There is a risk of death from excessive bleeding. In humans, it is due to direct contact with infectious animals such as chimpanzees, bats and deer. source

New Ebola outbreak in Congo, already killed by measles and coronavirus

Five people have died in Mandaka, a western city 750 miles from another Ebola outbreak in the country. It is unclear how the disease emerged in the city during the lockdown.

A fresh outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus has increased in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country that was already battling the world’s largest measles epidemic as well as coronovirus.

The Congo’s health ministry said the new Ebola outbreak has killed four people, and at least two more have been infected in Mandabaka, a city of 1.2 million people in the western part of the country. According to UNICEF, the UN agency for children, a fifth person died on Monday.

Less than two months ago, the Congo was about to declare the official end of an Ebola epidemic in the eastern part of the country, which lasted nearly two years and killed more than 2,275 people. Then, with only two days to go, a new case was found, and the outbreak could not be declared over. But officials say it is in its final stages.

It is unclear how the Vandit outbreak at the eastern end of the country originated in Ambola, Mandaka, about 750 miles west. Congo (formerly known as Zaire) is the largest country in sub-Saharan Africa, and has been under travel restrictions to prevent the spread of coronaviruses.

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Which Health Insurance Is Best In India

Which Health Insurance Is Best: With the increased risk of lifestyle-related illnesses, serious illnesses and many other health problems, health insurance has become the need of the hour. Of course, for anyone who wants to provide health protection to their family, it is mandatory to buy the best health insurance policy, as the cost of health care is hitting the roof.

The importance of a medical insurance policy is quite clear, but choosing the best health insurance plan from so many options can be a daunting task. A wide range of health insurance plans are available in India. Ideally, the best health insurance policy should be one that provides maximum health insurance coverage for the cheapest rate of premium.

To help you zero in on the best health insurance plans from the plethora of options available from various health insurance companies, we have listed some of the best health insurance policies that can be considered in 2020.

5 Health Insurance Is Best in India You Can Buy in 2020

Choosing the most suitable plan for yourself from a pool of health insurance plans available in the market can be a daunting task.

With different coverage features, different premium amounts and different add-on benefits in all, one may not be able to find the best solution for oneself in such a complex situation.

But do you have to worry?

India News I offers the Health Insurance Is Best plan  in the market and helps you buy the most suitable for a few minutes. These plans ensure a healthy future for your entire family and in some cases cover your health care expenses including hospitalization expenses, emergency ambulance, daycare expenses, and even serious illnesses.

To narrow down the choices of many health insurance companies and even more health insurance plans in the market, we are here with the list of Which Health Insurance Is Best 2020. Read them here.

1. Religare Care Health Insurance Plan
2. Star Family Health Optima Plan
3. Apollo Munich Optima Restore Plan
4. HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha Gold Plan
5. Max Bupa Health Companion Individual Plan

1. Religare Care Health Insurance Plan is a comprehensive health insurance policy that covers the medical expenses of the injured due to any injury, illness or accident. Religare Care Plan is available in 5 variants, Care 3 (Super Saver), Care 4 (Elite), Care 5 (Elite Plus), Care 6 (Global), and Care 7 (Global Plus). Policyholders can choose the sum insured between Rs. 4 lakhs. 6 crores under this scheme. The plan also offers several add-on benefits, which policyholders can opt for by paying a little extra premium. These include No Claim Bonus Super, Unlimited Automatic Recharge, Everyday Care, Personal Accident Cover, Smart Select, Air Ambulance, Global Coverage and International Second Opinion.


  • All day care treatment included
  • The patient spends hospitalization to the extent of the sum insured
  • Global cover on a network of hospitals on cashless basis
  • Pre-hospitalization expenses for 30 days
  • Hospitalization expenses for 60 days
  • Hospitalization expenses to a specified extent


  • Expenses for the treatment of AIDS
  • Congenital disease
  • Suicides
  • Costs due to addiction to alcohol, tobacco etc.
  • Any expenses due to war, strike, riot etc.

2. Star Family Health Optima plan can be considered as a super saver health insurance product that covers your entire family at a nominal premium. You can include yourself, spouse and dependent children in children between 16 and 25 years of age. The scheme offers lifetime renewal benefits and you can buy it if you are between 18 and 65 years of age. Policyholders can choose from Sum Assured to Rs. 3 lakhs. 25 lakhs. The best thing about this plan is that it automatically provides 100% of the sum insured 3 times for every complete exhaustion.


  • All daycare procedures
  • Hospitalization expenses of the patient
  • Air ambulance charges to a specified extent
  • Domestic hospitalization expenses (treatment at home)
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses for 60 and 90 days respectively


  • Vaccination except for post-bite and other medical treatments
  • Injuries caused by war or war-like situation
  • Expenses arising due to any act of suicide
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Medical treatment


3. Apollo Munich Optima Restoration Plan is one of the most popular health insurance plans offered by Apollo Munich. Any person who is between 91 days to 65 years of age can be covered under this scheme with the sum insured, including Rs. 3 lakhs. 50 lakhs. Some of the incredible benefits offered by this scheme are domicile treatment cover, pre and post hospitalization cover, air ambulance cover, and so on. The best feature of this plan is Stay Active Benefit which rewards you on living an active lifestyle. You just need to walk and stay active and you will be eligible to get a discount on the premium.


  • Road Ambulance Cover
  • Lifetime renewal
  • Cover for daycare procedures
  • In-patient hospitalization cover
  • 100% increase in Sum Assured for every 2 claim-free years


  • Mental Disorders
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Expenditure in treatment of HIV / AIDS
  • Any treatment within 30 days of purchase of policy
  • Treatment due to alcohol, tobacco etc.

4. The HDFC Ergo Health Protection Plan is an ideal option for individuals as well as families who cover them against major health expenditure. With insured options ranging from Rs. 3 lakhs. 10 lakh, this product of HDFC Ergo is high on profit. The minimum age for obtaining coverage under this scheme is 91 days and the best thing is that there is no maximum age limit. The scheme comes in several types – Silver, Gold and Platinum which have different insured options and benefits under them. Some common benefits of the plan are listed below.


  • Cover for organ donor expenses
  • Cover the expenses of hospitalization of the patient without any limit on room rent or the diseases covered.
  • Pre-hospitalization up to 60 days
  • Expenditure up to 90 days after hospitalization
  • Cover for daycare procedures


  • Covers for the treatment of mental disorders
  • Cosmetic surgery expense
  • Expenses related to treatment of obesity
  • Accidents caused by war or war-like situations
  • Accidents due to participation in adventure activities

5. Max Bupa Health Partner Personal Plan can be the ultimate source of financial support when you need it during a health emergency. Under this scheme, anyone above the age of 91 days can be covered. The best part of the scheme is that it provides as little as Rs for the sum assured covered. 2 lakhs and exceeds Rs. 1 crore. Also, the plan can cover 19 relationships. If you want high coverage but have a premium amount that does not burn your pocket then this plan is a must buy. If you buy this plan for 2 years. And pay in advance, you will get 12.5% ​​discount on the second year premium.


  • 15 days free look period
  • Lifetime renewal option
  • In-patient hospitalization treatmentTax saving under Section 80D of Income Tax Act
    30 and 60 days before and hospitaliza
  • tion costs


  • OPD cover for expenses
  • LASER and eye treatment
  • HIV / AIDS treatment expenses
  • Accidents caused by war or war-like situations
  • Any expense due to suicide

Deciding on the most suitable health insurance plan is not a child’s play. But this list is sure to give you some relief. If you still have any doubt about any of the health insurance plans listed above or would like to purchase by following an easy procedure, get in touch with the customer care, who will try their best to help you purchase a plan. Will put in Which is best suited for you. Stay healthy, stay insured!

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Covid 19 LIVE Update: Mumbai Tally crosses 38,000; Lockdown 5.0 Starts Tomorrow

Covid 19 LIVE Update: Mumbai saw 1,510 new COVID-19 cases and 54 deaths on Saturday, bringing the total number of positive cases to 38,220 in the city to 1,227 people on Saturday. 2,990 new coronovirus patients have died in Maharashtra who are taking tally. In 65,168 cases in the state.

The state health department said that more than 99 patients have died, while the death toll is 2,197. The center announced the lockout in the fifth phase on Saturday. The nationwide lockout was extended from June 1 to June 30. The zone and some major rests have also been introduced, including the opening of religious sites, restaurants and shopping malls, among others.

Four ‘unlock’ phases are planned in the month of June to gradually lift the lockdown completely. Meanwhile, India’s COVID-19 death case crossed the 5,000 mark on Saturday and reached a record 1.82 lakh after a record increase in the number of new cases and fatal cases.

Covid 19 LIVE Update – Cases overview
More locations and statistics, ‘+’ shows new cases reported yesterday · Updated less than 3 hours ago·



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Covid to Pilot: Which was on the Vandebharat Mission

New Delhi: Air India has recalled its pilot flight to Moscow after Covid confirmed the pilot. The plane, which departed for Moscow as part of the Vandebharat mission, was recalled from Uzbekistan airspace after a two-hour flight.

It was only after leaving New Delhi to Moscow that the pilot’s Covid test was reported to be positive. There have been unofficial reports that the results of the earlier Covid test were unheard of. The pilot was ordered to come back later.

There were no passengers on the plane. Crew members were admitted to the Quarantine. Disinfection work on aircraft continues.

Content Highlights: Air India Delhi-Moscow flight turns back after pilot tests positive


Vande Bharat Mission: 45K Indian citizens have been evacuated so far, preparations are underway for repatriation of Phase

Under the Vande Bharat Mission (VBM), the government has so far trapped more than 45,000 Indian citizens abroad due to the coronavirus epidemic and subsequent lockdown. Phase I has been successfully completed from 7 May – 16 May, during which 16,716 stranded Indians returned. According to the Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson, we are in the second phase of VBM from 17 May to 13 June

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Lockdown 5.0: Lockdown Period is Going to Increase Once Again!

Will the lockdown be extended or will it end now? If extended, what discounts can be received, know everything.

Lockdown 5.0: Lockdown 4.0 released in the country is coming to an end soon. What will happen after May 31, now this question is also coming in front of people. Will the lockdown be extended or will it end now? If extended, what rules will have to be followed and which rules will be relaxed. The lockdown was implemented for the first time in the country on 25 March. Since then, it has reached the fourth stage continuously. Meanwhile, now people have many questions about Lockdown 5.0. According to the news, the lockdown period can be increased once again. It is feared that this may be the final and final lockdown. Let us know that the central government has started working in this regard. Prime Minister Narendra Modi can address the country on Sunday, 31 May. PM can also increase the lockdown in Mann Ki Baat and announce the start of its fifth phase.

Guidelines for Lockdown 5.0?


1- The State Governments will have the right to get exemption on what in the state and not on it. In view of the cases of corona virus, the state governments can decide whether to relax or not give in to various restrictions.
2- Any kind of activity or movement in the Containment Zone ie Red Zone or sealed areas is still expected to be disrupted.

3- After the growing cases of corona virus in the country, the central government can implement some new rules. Some things can also be banned.

4- Schools are not expected to be opened at present. Other educational institutions may continue this ban.

5- The state government and local administration will also have to take a decision regarding shopping malls. Lockdown 4.0 prohibited the opening of shopping malls. But now speculations are being made that some state governments may allow them to open shopping malls in selected areas.

6- Railway travel and domestic flights will continue. The service of Delhi Metro can also be started to some extent after 1 June.

7- Lockdown 5.0 will be most affected in big cities ie Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Thane, Indore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Surat and Kolkata. Because in all these cities, the cases of corona virus are continuously increasing.

8- In Lockdown 5.0 there is doubt on the opening of any religious place. There will be a ban on people gathering at religious places. But it can also give the power to decide it to the central and state governments. Let us know that the Government of Karnataka had written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the past and recommended that religious places be opened.

9- Opening of restaurants and eating places in the country, where people gather, is being considered. But it is also discussed that the right to take this decision will also be given to the state government.

10- Ban on international flights is expected to continue in Lockdown 5.0.

Please tell that 4,337 people have died in the country so far due to Corona virus. At the same time, the number of infected people is continuously increasing. So far 1,52,767 corona virus cases have been reported in the country. In the last 24 hours, 170 people have died due to infection across the country.

India and China Move in More Troops as Border Tension Rises

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