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Neha Kakkar Would Send Money To Older Siblings Sonu

Neha Kakkar sends money to Sonu, Tony Kakkar, elder brother from Rishikesh when they were struggling in Mumbai.

Neha Kakkar is perhaps the youngest child in her family, but she looks after the needs of her elder siblings. Even when he was in Rishikesh, he saw his brother Tony and sister Sonu struggling in Mumbai.

Talking to Mumbai Mirror about her sister, Tony said, “Initially, only me and Sonu shifted to Mumbai, and Neha still performed in Rishikesh. The biggest task for us in Mumbai was to go home hunting. We did not have enough money to buy a house so we lived in a small rented apartment. But the rent was skyrocketing and we have no fixed income. For the first recording, Sonu received Rs 500. This amount continued to increase and somehow we survived. Neha also sent us money from there.

Tony also talked about how Neha would sing at religious events in her hometown. “From a very young age, Neha started singing in religious programs, and people were mesmerized by her soulful voice. She was also a full-fledged artist at the age of four. We were busy most of the time because of his events but I remember that we used to go to the amusement park and it was the most thrilling thing for the three of us.


Recently, Neha showed a large mansion she had found for herself and her family in Rishikesh, and the modest house where she had grown up. “This is the bungalow we now have in #Rishikesh and we used to live in Swipe Wright’s house in the same house where I was born in 1 room in Kakkar in which my mother put a table in that small kitchen. The room. And even that room was not our own, we were paying rent. And now whenever I see our own bungalow in Sem City, I always get emotional, “she said.

Tony said that the family’s fortunes changed when Neha participated in Indian Idol, which launched her career. Neha has sung many hit songs in Bollywood such as Saki Saki, Aankhen Mare, Dilbar, Coca Cola and others. She is among the most watched female stars on YouTube in the world, ranking second after Cardi B.


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World Environment Day 2020: Date, Subject, Importance, History and Quotes

World Environment Day 2020 is celebrated every year on 5 June. The theme of World Environment Day 2020 is biodiversity. Here are some inspirational quotes and messages that you can send to family and friends.

World Environment Day 2020: Environment is the most important aspect to survive on this planet. Man forgets that life cannot be sustainable without a balanced environment. And with climate change on us, rising sea levels, earthquakes, floods and droughts, we cannot emphasize this enough.

The increase in contamination and pollution of these precious resources, and more importantly, the exploitation of protected forest areas as they are trapped in various commercial undertakings, if we expect human existence, must be stopped immediately.

World Environment Day is celebrated every year to spread awareness and make people understand that they have a role in preventing the loss of biodiversity and preserving nature for our future.

Robert Swan once said, “The greatest danger to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

And we need to listen closely.

World Environment Day 2020: Date

World Environment Day 2020 is celebrated every year on 5 June. The day was first celebrated in 1974 in the city of Spokane, USA to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment.


World Environment Day is an opportunity to think about how we are part of nature and how comfortable and unequally we depend on it to survive. Every year, there is a specific theme for World Environment Day.

World Environment Day 2020: Theme

The theme for World Environment Day 2020 is biodiversity – a concern that is both immediate and existential.

According to the United Nation Organization, “the topic was chosen because of recent events, to avoid infiltration from bushes in Brazil, the United States, and into East Africa – and now, a global disease epidemic – in humans.” Of the interdependence of life and the webs of life in which they exist. “

World Environment Day is organized by a different country. And this year, the host is Columbia.

World Environment Day 2020: History

World Environment Day 2020

World Environment Day 2020

The first major conference on environmental issues was held in Stockholm (Sweden) from 5–16 June 1972. Later that year, on 15 December, the General Assembly adopted a resolution designating 5 June as World Environment Day. In 1974, the first World Environment Day was celebrated.

Since then, World Environment Day has been celebrated every year on 5 June, with governments, businesses, celebrities and citizens to focus their efforts on a pressing environmental issue.

“Men argue. Nature works.” -Voltaire

Every year, on this day, people usually go to the grounds to plant saplings and various other events are organized. But this year, as people are confined to the four walls of their homes due to the Kovid-19 coronavirus epidemic, the World Environment Day celebrations will be different.

In the midst of lockdown, instead of going out, people can promote the day and raise awareness through online activities. On this World Environment Day you can send some inspiring quotes and messages to family and friends.

You can also share these quotes on social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter and raise awareness to prevent particular harm to the natural world.


World Environment Day 2020: Quotes and Wishes

“We will never understand the natural environment until we see it as a living organism. Today you can kill the land for personal gain. You can leave the corpse for everyone to see and any police Can not be called. ” -Pull Brooks


“There has to be a reason why some people can make a good living. They must have worked for it. I only get angry when I see wastage. When I see people throwing things we can use Huh.” – Mother Teresa

Mother nature has always been kind to us and now is the time to return all the favors. Wish you a very happy World Environment Day 2019!

“Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we will be in trouble soon”. -Roger Tori Peterson


“Now there is so much pollution in the air that if it was not for our lungs there would be no place to put it.” -Robert Orben

This World Environment Day makes a promise to save the environment and the world. Happy World Environment Day 2020!

“Earth is sufficient to meet every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” -Mahatma Gandhi


“It is nobody’s property to destroy the environment; it is everyone’s responsibility to protect it.” -Mohith Agadi

Your little effort matters, make the world a clean and healthy place Happy World Environment Day 2020!

“We cannot despair of humanity, because we ourselves are human beings.” -Albert Einstein

“Of all things in nature, there is something wonderful.” -Aristotle

With the emergence of coronaviruses, it has become very clear that when we destroy biodiversity, we destroy systems that support human life.

Biodiversity is the foundation that is connected to all living things on Earth, and changing or removing one element of this web can affect the entire life system and produce serious negative consequences – it is already happening But are you ready to do as much as you can to slow down your bit process?

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Day 3 Unlock 1.0 of Coronavirus Cases: Ground Report

Day 3 Unlock 1.0 of Coronavirus – New Delhi: India recorded a record jump of 8,909 novel Coronovirus Cases in the last 24 hours, reaching the figure of 2,07,615 on Wednesday, while the toll rose to 5,815 with 217 more deaths. Out of this 1,00,302 people have been recovered, while one has escaped. So far, about 48.31% patients have been cured.

Here’s a look at the major updates from the cities –

1. CHENNAI Tamil Nadu Covid has the lowest mortality rate of 0.8%: Palaniswami of Edappadi. Six-day week for courts in Puducherry, Tamil Nadu. Going home only to families, says guest workers in Chennai. Temples across Tamil Nadu have suffered a loss of Rs 75 crore due to the lockout. Many star hotels in Chennai have started monetizing their expertise in housekeeping, disinfection and hygiene, gourmet cuisine and laundry service to companies and residents.


2. MUMBAI state recorded 103 plagues on Tuesday, its second highest since May 29 (116), taking the toll to 2,465. Maharashtra added 2,287 Covid-19 Coronovirus Cases, taking its tally to 72,300. The Jumbo Covid-19 care facility at the Bandra-Kurla complex was evacuated on Tuesday following an alert that Cyclone could hit the town of Nisarga. Public Health Minister Rajesh Tope made a surprise visit and found that hospitals were operating at 50% of their strength and most did not display a chart showing their bed strength, occupancy or capped treatment fees. In the first, the Maharashtra government issued shock notice to four major private hospitals – Jaslok, Hinduja, Bombay and Lilavati – for failing to allocate adequate beds for Covid and non-Covid patients and for allegedly denying beds . A 49-year-old traffic constable died on Monday in front of Covid-19, which became the 18th Mumbai police accident. Nearly a month after the Center relaxed the Covid-19 lockdown rules, industrial activity figures show that revival is taking place at a rapid pace. Contributing zones in the state, production has resumed in most places.

3. DELHI Already disorganized passengers on both sides of the Delhi-Haryana border, who are already struggling for clarity on the pass, with daily instructions from governments on sealing, de-sealing and re-sealing, confusion and vehicle pileup Can stare in another week. Leaving them little time to catch up with the previous one. The government shut down almost all shops in markets across the city on Tuesday, removing the aud-even restrictions. More than 4.5 lakh people have already requested for public opinion by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on keeping Delhi borders sealed and hospitals in the capital only in Delhi hospitals. The Chief Minister made this request on Monday.

4. BENGALURU is becoming the mainstay of isolating travelers from all states – Maharashtra Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa on Tuesday ordered the Home Department to file an FIR against those violating the 14-day rule. A passenger train from Delhi – when flying for the first time in a long time at KSR Bengaluru City railway station, chaos erupted when the train arrived from Mumbai, the first from the financial capital, in a recap of events at the height of lockdown. Reached the station on Tuesday after the lockout. Although the state government submitted in the High Court that it would refund the cost of travel of the labor organizations through the Shramik Special trains by 31 May, it continues to receive fares to the states which are not paying the bills.

5. KOLKATA and the rest of the state recorded their highest one-day surge in Covid-positive cases on Tuesday. Experts fear a return to normal routines and the resumption of traffic on congested public transport could affect the Covid number. From Wednesday, autos and taxis can ply with full – 3 + 1- seating capacity. Burrabazar’s wholesale center – which drew strict lockout measures just days before several Covid-19 deaths – got embroiled in controversy for violating social distance rules as restrictions on businesses relaxed on Monday happened. City magicians are also trying to adapt to the ‘work from home’ trend. They are cosmically dragging the proverbial rabbit from behind a computer screen, but with very few tweaks to adapt their acts to smaller laptop screens.

6. LUCKNOW  The state blood bank in the transfusion medicine department of Lucknow King George Medical University (KGMU) is left with only one week of stock because even after rest in lockdown, voluntary blood donation has not increased. Government Railway Police (GRP) constables, who did not come in contact with those found Covid-19 positive, will not be tested for coronovirus infection, even though 11% of the force deployed at Charbagh railway station has been diagnosed. Disease. It is now official. The state government has engaged more than five lakh migrants under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS) in 40 days, as the Centre’s flagship scheme was resumed after remaining under lock.

7. AHMEDABAD Following the Gujarat High Court order directing the government to allow testing of pre-operative patients and approving private laboratories for Covid-19 test for symptomatic patients prescribed by consultants, the state government on Tuesday Issued new notification for coronovirus testing. An important revelation has been made on the Covid-19 viral transmission, such as lockdown easing and migrating migrants to their home towns. The findings were released by the Ahmedabad-based ICMR-National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH). The western part of Ahmedabad has reported 31.5% of the 292 fresh cases reported in the city on Monday evening. Of the 292 Coronovirus Cases, 92 were from the western part of the city; 46 patients are below 30. Other patients include 1-year-old boy, 8-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl.

8. HYDERABAD At least 150 people who died during the lockout in Hyderabad were given a large-scale secret burial or cremation at an undisclosed location by municipal authorities, as resistance from local communities and the management of cemeteries is increasing, leading to Covid-19 Afraid of contracting. Health officials urged locals to take every precaution to visit markets and shops after registering 99 new Coronovirus Cases on Tuesday, to investigate the state’s 2,891 cases. The virus claimed that another four people died, while the death toll rose to 92. With 70 new Coronovirus Cases reported from the border of Greater Hyderabad, health department officials said that wearing masks but not maintaining social distance defeats the purpose of prevention.

9. CHANDIGARH The death of a 80-year-old woman would delay the removal of the zone zone tag of Sector 30B, which was supposed to complete 28 days to complete its last 28 days. -19 The count took place in Chandigarh on Tuesday with 301 deaths, including four deaths. Haryana recorded the fastest increase in Covid-19 cases in a single day as 296 people tested positive for the virus, taking the state to 2,652. 41 new cases of Covid-19 were reported in Punjab and two deaths due to the virus on Tuesday, bringing the number of people infected in the state to 2,342 and casualties to 46.


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Mani Ratnam, Once Used To Be A Consultant, Read Some Unheard of National Award Winner

Bollywood film director, producer and screenwriter Mani Ratnam is celebrating his 64th birthday today. These multi-talented person who used to record superhit films was once a consultant.

New Delhi: Bollywood film director, producer and screenwriter Mani Ratnam is celebrating his 64th birthday today. The multi-talented person who used to record superhit films was once a consultant. Tamil and Hindi film maker Mani Ratnam, born in 1956, is very choosy about his films and has done long research on the number of films he has made. Perhaps this is the reason why his films break all the box office records. From the beginning of his film career, he had decided that even though he would make a film, he would do his best work in whatever he would make. He made only a few films in the Tamil and Hindi films, but the ones he made have proved to be milestones.

Gopal Ratnam Subramaniam’s real name
Mani Ratnam’s full name is Gopal Ratnam Subramaniam. Hardly people know him by his full name. His name Mani Ratnam is famous in the film world. Mani Ratnam was born on 2 June 1956 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Talking about Hindi film industries, the audience is thankful to him for giving the best films like ‘Bombay’, ‘Dil Se’ and ‘Guru’.

Started his film career in 1983
Mani Ratnam, one of the veteran filmmakers of the film industry, started his film career with his first directorial film ‘Pallavi Anu Pallavi‘ in Tamil in 1983. While his first directorial in Hindi was in 1998 film Dil Se. This film made such an identity among the Hindi audience in its first time which is still intact. After this, ‘Roja’, ‘Bombay’, ‘Guru’, ‘Gitanjali’, ‘Saathiya’, ‘Yuva’ have been his best films.

Mani Ratnam has been awarded the Padma Shri
Mani Ratna, who made films in his talent and unique style, has been awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 2002. Not only this, many of his films have received National Awards.

Married to famous actress Suhasini
Mani Ratnam was married in 1988 by the famous actress Suhasini of South. The two met in 1988 and after some time both had decided to get married. Please tell that they both have a son, Nandan too. Mani Ratnam lives in Alwarpet, Chennai with his family and his production company is named ‘Madras Talkies’.


Was a consultant before appearing in films
Mani  used to work as a consultant before he got a foothold in film industries, but he always had a dream to direct films. Before coming to films, he used to write and direct many small plays himself. His connoisseur knew the pulse of the audience as to what they wanted to see. Explain that Anil Kapoor and Lakshmi were in the lead role in Mani Ratnam’s first directorial Kannada film ‘Pallavi Anu Pallavi’.

Tamil film was first recognized
Mani was first recognized in the South from the 1986 Tamil film ‘Mouna Ragam’. It was a superhit film. Mani Ratnam also received the National Award for this film. Let me tell you that AR Rahman made his debut in 1992 from Mani Ratnam’s film ‘Roja’.

Aishwarya and Amitabh will be seen in Ponniyin Selvan drama
It is discussed that Mani Ratnam is about to make a period drama film Ponniyin Selvan. This film is being told as Mani Ratnam’s dream project. In the film, along with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Anushka Shetty, Amitabh Bachchan, Amaal Paul, Jayaram Ravi, Chian Vikram can also be seen. The film was scheduled to release in 2020 but due to Corona infection it has been hanging.

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Steve Smith Bowls Pink Ball in India

The Australian batsman said that he would be ready to participate in the IPL if the T20 World Cup is postponed.

Steve Smith says the experience of playing more pink balls than India will give Australia a “slight advantage” when the two sides clash in their first day-night Test in December, but admitted that Virat Kohli’s side would allow the batsmen Have to stand up for the challenge.

Cricket Australia confirmed last week that India would be down for the full tour including four Tests, three ODIs and three T20Is. The second test will be a day-night affair, which starts in Adelaide from 11 December.

The former Australia captain said in a Facebook session hosted by Sony Sports India, “We played some more pink-ball games than India, which might have been of little benefit.”


He said, ‘India played very well in the day-night game played in Calcutta. It is a different game but they have definitely got the batting that can stand up to situations when it gets tough with the pink ball. And their bowlers, they stand the seam with quality.

“They are world class players who are capable of adapting to anything, so I consider it an amazing competition,” said Smith, who turned 31 on Tuesday.

India will first take on Australia in the T20 series starting on 11 October and then defend the Border-Gavaskar Trophy with the opening match at Gaba, where the hosts have a superb record.

“Our record in Gabba (Brisbane) against anybody is good to be fair, it is a fort for us. We wanted to play the first Test there for a long time,” he said.

Steve Smith, who has scored 7,227 runs in 73 Tests at an average of 62.84, has also praised Kohli’s manner of chasing in white-ball cricket.

He said, ‘To see the average of wins in ODI cricket. This is unprecedented. He is under pressure and calm. Just works, unfortunately for an opposition player. You were praised for Indian cricket like no other and did what he did.

“I admire Virat very much. He is an amazing player. “

The top-order Test batsman hoped for some solution for the bowlers, who are likely to be affected by the ICC ban on the use of saliva to shine the ball.


“For me, even though I’m a batsman, I still want to see a similar competition between bat and ball. I think that’s really important for the game. You want to see the ball doing nothing, Swings around the world take bowlers out of the game. There needs to be a solution. “

“What is it? I don’t know. I’m sure someone will come up with something and we’ll be able to move forward with our fantastic game and see some quality competition. I don’t know the answer right now.

“I’m sure people are discussing in the background and trying to find the right way forward. Hopefully we can get there sooner rather than later.

He said, “I probably get more changes. But if you can’t put saliva on the ball and make it shine, then I think it’s a loss for bowlers in a way.”

Steve Smith said he would be ready to participate in the IPL if the T20 World Cup in his country is postponed to October-November.

The BCCI is eyeing a window for the IPL during that time if the T20 World Cup is postponed.

Rajasthan Royals captain Smith said he would be open to travel for the IPL if the Australian government feels it is safe.

“I think when you’re playing for your country in a World Cup, that’s the pinnacle for one-day or T20 cricket, so of course I’d love to play in it,” Steve Smith said, training with New South. After returning to said Wales squad on Monday.

“But if it doesn’t happen and the IPL is there, and they postpone it, then so be it. IPL is also a great tournament as a domestic tournament.

“Out of everyone’s control at the moment, the players are only doing what we told them and going to the place where we have to play and play whatever is happening at that time.”

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Ebola Knocks After Corona in Congo, Five People Dead, WHO Also Confirms

Mabandaka After the global epidemic corona virus which has spread all over the world, Ebola virus has knocked in Congo. This has been confirmed by the local authorities as well as the World Health Organization. According to the information, six new cases of Congo Ebola have been reported, four of them have died.

According to the information, Congo health officials said on Monday that six new cases of Ebolavirus have been reported in the western city of Mabandaka. Five of these patients have died. Let it be said that this is the second time after the year 2018, new cases of Ebola virus have been reported in Congo.

The Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros, said the Congo’s health ministry gave information about the Ebola virus cases. However, in the city where there have been cases of Ebola virus, no cases of coronavirus have been reported so far. However, nearly 3,000 cases of corona have been reported across the Congo so far. He said that Corona and Ebola have no relationship.


Ebola is a regional disease in the tropical rainforest region of Africa, which spreads when an unstable person is exposed to fluids from the body. Symptoms include a sudden onset of fever, weakness, muscle aches, and a sore throat.

This is followed by vomiting, diarrhea, and in some cases internal and external bleeding. There is a risk of death from excessive bleeding. In humans, it is due to direct contact with infectious animals such as chimpanzees, bats and deer. source

New Ebola outbreak in Congo, already killed by measles and coronavirus

Five people have died in Mandaka, a western city 750 miles from another Ebola outbreak in the country. It is unclear how the disease emerged in the city during the lockdown.

A fresh outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus has increased in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country that was already battling the world’s largest measles epidemic as well as coronovirus.

The Congo’s health ministry said the new Ebola outbreak has killed four people, and at least two more have been infected in Mandabaka, a city of 1.2 million people in the western part of the country. According to UNICEF, the UN agency for children, a fifth person died on Monday.

Less than two months ago, the Congo was about to declare the official end of an Ebola epidemic in the eastern part of the country, which lasted nearly two years and killed more than 2,275 people. Then, with only two days to go, a new case was found, and the outbreak could not be declared over. But officials say it is in its final stages.

It is unclear how the Vandit outbreak at the eastern end of the country originated in Ambola, Mandaka, about 750 miles west. Congo (formerly known as Zaire) is the largest country in sub-Saharan Africa, and has been under travel restrictions to prevent the spread of coronaviruses.

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Trending Stock: Yes Bank Shares Gain Over 2% in Early Trade

New Delhi: Yes Bank shares traded up 2.23 percent at 09:17 am (IST) in Monday trading. About 73542 shares changed hands over the counter. The stock opened at Rs 27.75 and touched a high of Rs 28.0 and Rs 27.0 respectively in the session so far.

The stock has a 52-week high of Rs 178.0 and a 52-week low of Rs 5.65.


Incorporated in the year 2003, YES Bank Ltd. is a banking company (with a market cap of Rs 33698.02 crore).

The bank has reported a gross non-performing assets (gross NPA) of Rs 32877.59 crore (.00% of total assets) and net non-performing assets (net NPA) of Rs 8623.78 crore (.00% of total assets).


The major products / revenue segments of  “Yes Bank Shares” Yes Bank Limited include interest and rebate on advances and bills, which contributed Rs 22922.64 crore to the selling price (77.37% of total sales), income from investment, which contributed to the sale price (60.41%). Contributed Rs 6048.42 to the total selling price) and interest which contributed Rs 256.11 crore to the selling price (0.86% of total sales) for the year ended 31.11-March 2019.

Promoter holding

The promoters of the company held 1.42 percent stake in the quarter ended March 31, 2020.

Yes bank may find it difficult to recover dish promoter dues

Mumbai: Private lender Yes BankNSE 1.12% may face hurdles to the promoters of India’s largest direct-to-home (DTH) player Dish TVNSE to recover its dues. The bank acquired a 24% stake even after the 4.71% bank acquired a 24.19% stake. Loan default, sources close to the development said.

On Friday, Yes Bank announced that it had pledged Rs 44.53 crore of pledged shares of Jawahar Goel-promoted Dish TV, part of a pledge by its brother and promoter of Essel Group, Subhash Chandra.

At the close of business hours on Friday, Dish TV had a market cap of 788.06 crores, which values ​​Yes Bank’s stake in the company at 190.6 crores. Since the beginning of the year, Dish TV’s market cap has seen a 67 percent price increase.

The loan was given to the promoters of Essel Group, who borrowed money against their shareholding in listed companies, including Dish TV. “Yes, the total exposure with Essel Group promoters of banks was Rs 3,000 crore,” an official said on condition of anonymity.

According to Yes Bank source, Dish TV shares were held as collateral when the stock stood at 73 per share, while the shares were currently trading at 4-5 per share.

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Wajid Khan Death: Music composer Wajid Khan Died, Sajid-Wajid duo Broke Up

Wajid Khan Died: Bollywood’s Famous Musician Wajid Khan has passed away. Wajid, along with his brother Sajid, has given music in many films. The pair of both brothers should be named as Sajid-Wajid in Bollywood. Wajid’s death is said to be the cause of his kidney problem. Media reports stated that Wajid Khan was tempered by Corona. The BBC has been told by his family, ‘Wajid Khan was suffering from a kidney disease and was transplanted two years ago. He had an infection in his throat, he was admitted to Surana Hospital in Chembur. His test report of Kovid-19 is yet to come. ‘

Actress Priyanka Chopra said she will always remember Wajid’s smile.

Actor Varun Dhawan shared a picture of his filmmaker-father David Dhawan with Khan, and said that he was close to the family.

Wajid Khan Died at the age of 42 due to kidney Infection

Popular music composer, Wajid Khan, who is known for composing music with his brother Sajid Khan, passed away this morning. He was 42 years old. After his friend and singer reported the news of his untimely demise on social media, Sonu Nigam shared the news of his demise. Fans and fellow Bollywood celebrities took to the internet to express grief over his sudden demise.

Even though Wajid’s untimely demise at the age of 42 comes as a devastating news for fans, it has been reported that the cause of his death is COVID-19 and he has little care in recent times, although he is the same. ‘Has not been officially confirmed.

The music composer, who has been a part of the industry for a long time, was admitted to the Surana Hospital in Mumbai, where his condition deteriorated.

Wajid also had a history of underlying medical conditions, which kept him out of hospitals in the past year.
Singer and musician, Salim Merchant, while speaking to an agency said that he was put on ventilator support after a kidney infection last week. In the past, he also underwent a kidney transplant.

“He had several issues. He had a kidney problem and he had a transplant a while ago. But recently he came to know about a kidney infection … He was on ventilator for the last four days, his condition deteriorated. After that. There was a beginning of a kidney infection and then it became serious. “

Can a kidney infection cause serious complications?

Kidney infection, medically known as pyelonephritis, is a serious infection that can often lead to health complications and cause permanent damage if not treated well in time as it is in the bloodstream Can penetrate and cause lasting effects. It can cause kidney failure or even kidney failure.

Since the kidneys form an important part of vital body functioning, if left untreated, it can affect other body functions. Symptoms of a kidney infection can spread rapidly and cause sepsis. Those who are on prescription medication may also work to prevent rejection of transplanted organs.

Some of the most common symptoms of kidney infections so far are fever, chills, abdominal pain, backache, frequent urination, nausea, blood in urine that can worsen over time. Therefore, it is important to get medical help on time.
From extreme hypertension, chronic kidney disease, blood poisoning, harmful bacteria spreading to other organs in the body are some of the known complications that carry it.

Even though a severe type of infection is rare, it affects people, especially at a young age. Such infections can also occur when a person is suffering from a genetic disorder, auto-immune problem or an urinary tract or kidney abnormality. Weak immune system, underlying medical issues, a staggering nervous system or spinal cord issue can also make problems worse for people with chronic kidney problems.

Hardik Pandya And Natasa Stankovic Get Married

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Which Health Insurance Is Best In India

Which Health Insurance Is Best: With the increased risk of lifestyle-related illnesses, serious illnesses and many other health problems, health insurance has become the need of the hour. Of course, for anyone who wants to provide health protection to their family, it is mandatory to buy the best health insurance policy, as the cost of health care is hitting the roof.

The importance of a medical insurance policy is quite clear, but choosing the best health insurance plan from so many options can be a daunting task. A wide range of health insurance plans are available in India. Ideally, the best health insurance policy should be one that provides maximum health insurance coverage for the cheapest rate of premium.

To help you zero in on the best health insurance plans from the plethora of options available from various health insurance companies, we have listed some of the best health insurance policies that can be considered in 2020.

5 Health Insurance Is Best in India You Can Buy in 2020

Choosing the most suitable plan for yourself from a pool of health insurance plans available in the market can be a daunting task.

With different coverage features, different premium amounts and different add-on benefits in all, one may not be able to find the best solution for oneself in such a complex situation.

But do you have to worry?

India News I offers the Health Insurance Is Best plan  in the market and helps you buy the most suitable for a few minutes. These plans ensure a healthy future for your entire family and in some cases cover your health care expenses including hospitalization expenses, emergency ambulance, daycare expenses, and even serious illnesses.

To narrow down the choices of many health insurance companies and even more health insurance plans in the market, we are here with the list of Which Health Insurance Is Best 2020. Read them here.

1. Religare Care Health Insurance Plan
2. Star Family Health Optima Plan
3. Apollo Munich Optima Restore Plan
4. HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha Gold Plan
5. Max Bupa Health Companion Individual Plan

1. Religare Care Health Insurance Plan is a comprehensive health insurance policy that covers the medical expenses of the injured due to any injury, illness or accident. Religare Care Plan is available in 5 variants, Care 3 (Super Saver), Care 4 (Elite), Care 5 (Elite Plus), Care 6 (Global), and Care 7 (Global Plus). Policyholders can choose the sum insured between Rs. 4 lakhs. 6 crores under this scheme. The plan also offers several add-on benefits, which policyholders can opt for by paying a little extra premium. These include No Claim Bonus Super, Unlimited Automatic Recharge, Everyday Care, Personal Accident Cover, Smart Select, Air Ambulance, Global Coverage and International Second Opinion.


  • All day care treatment included
  • The patient spends hospitalization to the extent of the sum insured
  • Global cover on a network of hospitals on cashless basis
  • Pre-hospitalization expenses for 30 days
  • Hospitalization expenses for 60 days
  • Hospitalization expenses to a specified extent


  • Expenses for the treatment of AIDS
  • Congenital disease
  • Suicides
  • Costs due to addiction to alcohol, tobacco etc.
  • Any expenses due to war, strike, riot etc.

2. Star Family Health Optima plan can be considered as a super saver health insurance product that covers your entire family at a nominal premium. You can include yourself, spouse and dependent children in children between 16 and 25 years of age. The scheme offers lifetime renewal benefits and you can buy it if you are between 18 and 65 years of age. Policyholders can choose from Sum Assured to Rs. 3 lakhs. 25 lakhs. The best thing about this plan is that it automatically provides 100% of the sum insured 3 times for every complete exhaustion.


  • All daycare procedures
  • Hospitalization expenses of the patient
  • Air ambulance charges to a specified extent
  • Domestic hospitalization expenses (treatment at home)
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses for 60 and 90 days respectively


  • Vaccination except for post-bite and other medical treatments
  • Injuries caused by war or war-like situation
  • Expenses arising due to any act of suicide
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Medical treatment


3. Apollo Munich Optima Restoration Plan is one of the most popular health insurance plans offered by Apollo Munich. Any person who is between 91 days to 65 years of age can be covered under this scheme with the sum insured, including Rs. 3 lakhs. 50 lakhs. Some of the incredible benefits offered by this scheme are domicile treatment cover, pre and post hospitalization cover, air ambulance cover, and so on. The best feature of this plan is Stay Active Benefit which rewards you on living an active lifestyle. You just need to walk and stay active and you will be eligible to get a discount on the premium.


  • Road Ambulance Cover
  • Lifetime renewal
  • Cover for daycare procedures
  • In-patient hospitalization cover
  • 100% increase in Sum Assured for every 2 claim-free years


  • Mental Disorders
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Expenditure in treatment of HIV / AIDS
  • Any treatment within 30 days of purchase of policy
  • Treatment due to alcohol, tobacco etc.

4. The HDFC Ergo Health Protection Plan is an ideal option for individuals as well as families who cover them against major health expenditure. With insured options ranging from Rs. 3 lakhs. 10 lakh, this product of HDFC Ergo is high on profit. The minimum age for obtaining coverage under this scheme is 91 days and the best thing is that there is no maximum age limit. The scheme comes in several types – Silver, Gold and Platinum which have different insured options and benefits under them. Some common benefits of the plan are listed below.


  • Cover for organ donor expenses
  • Cover the expenses of hospitalization of the patient without any limit on room rent or the diseases covered.
  • Pre-hospitalization up to 60 days
  • Expenditure up to 90 days after hospitalization
  • Cover for daycare procedures


  • Covers for the treatment of mental disorders
  • Cosmetic surgery expense
  • Expenses related to treatment of obesity
  • Accidents caused by war or war-like situations
  • Accidents due to participation in adventure activities

5. Max Bupa Health Partner Personal Plan can be the ultimate source of financial support when you need it during a health emergency. Under this scheme, anyone above the age of 91 days can be covered. The best part of the scheme is that it provides as little as Rs for the sum assured covered. 2 lakhs and exceeds Rs. 1 crore. Also, the plan can cover 19 relationships. If you want high coverage but have a premium amount that does not burn your pocket then this plan is a must buy. If you buy this plan for 2 years. And pay in advance, you will get 12.5% ​​discount on the second year premium.


  • 15 days free look period
  • Lifetime renewal option
  • In-patient hospitalization treatmentTax saving under Section 80D of Income Tax Act
    30 and 60 days before and hospitaliza
  • tion costs


  • OPD cover for expenses
  • LASER and eye treatment
  • HIV / AIDS treatment expenses
  • Accidents caused by war or war-like situations
  • Any expense due to suicide

Deciding on the most suitable health insurance plan is not a child’s play. But this list is sure to give you some relief. If you still have any doubt about any of the health insurance plans listed above or would like to purchase by following an easy procedure, get in touch with the customer care, who will try their best to help you purchase a plan. Will put in Which is best suited for you. Stay healthy, stay insured!

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Hardik Pandya And Natasa Stankovic Get Married

Hardik Pandya And Natasa Stankovic: India’s all-rounder Hardik Pandya made a big surprise for his fans with his latest post on his social media accounts on Sunday. The star cricketer announced that he and his partner Natasa Stankovic were ready to welcome their first child. They also posted a picture, which makes it clear that the couple is already tied up in marriage.

In a ceremony, they show the two wearing a garland. Earlier this year, Hardik Pandya announced his engagement with the Serbian actress on New Year’s Eve. And like his engagement, he managed to keep the latest news a secret until the last moment. Hardik Pandya took big news on Instagram, revealed

“Natasa and I have had a great journey together and it is going to get better. Together we are excited to welcome a new life into our lives very soon. We are thrilled for this new phase of our lives and wish you blessings and best wishes. “

hardik pandya natasa stankovic instagram

Meanwhile, the all-rounder has not played for India since September last year. A 26-year-old man underwent a successful surgery in October causing severe lower back injuries. A back injury had troubled him since the 2018 Asia Cup. In December, he was named in the India A team for the one-day games in New Zealand.

However, he was later dropped from the team as he was not ready for the match. He finally returned to action in the DY Patil T20 tournament in March. Apart from taking five wickets in the tournament, he was directly influenced by scoring two tornado centuries.

Later, Hardik Pandya was named in India’s ODI squad for the South Africa series, before the series was called off in the wake of a coronovirus outbreak.

Hardik Pandya to become father as Team India all-rounder, fans Natasa Stankovic announces her pregnancy

Team India’s all-rounder Hardik Pandya is set to be hugged as a father for the first time as the star cricketer and his Serbian actress fiance Natasa Stankovic are expecting their first child. Pandya took to social media where he shared the good news with his fans and followers on Sunday.

“Natasa and I have had a great journey together and it’s just going to get better; together we are excited to welcome a new life into our lives very soon. We are thrilled for this new phase of our lives and Wish for your blessings. Wishes, “Pandya wrote in the caption, sharing a jovial photo with her better-half on social media.

Team India all-rounder Hardik Pandya and his fans Natasa Stankovic announced her pregnancy on Sunday. India’s all-rounder Hardik Pandya and his fan Natasa Stankovic announced her pregnancy on Sunday. Photo courtesy: Instagram
Team India’s all-rounder Hardik Pandya is set to be hugged as a father for the first time as the star cricketer and his Serbian actress fiance Natasa Stankovic are expecting their first child. Pandya took to social media where he shared the good news with his fans and followers on Sunday.

“Natasa and I have had a great journey together and it’s just going to get better; together we are excited to welcome a new life into our lives very soon. We are thrilled for this new phase of our lives and Wish for your blessings. Wishes, “Pandya wrote in the caption, sharing a jovial photo with her better-half on social media.

In an Instagram post, Pandya can be seen waving Natasa’s baby bump as the couple officially announced that they were expecting their first child. Wearing a fancy pendant, Pandya is seen wearing diapers in his black T-shirt, while Natasa is seen wearing a fairly green dress as the couple pose for a picture. Pandya’s post on the photo and video sharing service has already received half a million likes. Although the couple got engaged on New Year’s Day in 2020, Natasa and Hardik are still to tie the knot.

Team India captain Virat Kohli praised his blessings on Instagram, saying, “Both of you H. Congratulations on the love and blessings. Team India spinner Yuzvendra Chahal and Mumbai Indians (MI) have also congratulated the power couple on social media. Pandya has been dating the Serbian actress for quite some time and the couple has been active during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown on social media. Pandya, who is spending some quality time with his family, was earlier to play for Rohit Sharma-led Mumbai Indians in the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

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