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Fortnite’s ‘Recon Expert’ Skin is Back in Item Shop And it’s Fine

Talking about Fortnite, Epic Games never avoids being nimble. I mean, this is the game that blew up his entire universe and created another one. When it comes to Fortnite, there is nothing and its audience knows.

That’s why it was so strange to see some people wasting five minutes of their lives, about bringing the skin of “Recon Expert” back to the item store forever.

To quickly fix what’s happening, when some gamers fired Fortnite on Wednesday, they probably saw “Recon Expert” skin available to buy.

Honestly, it doesn’t sound anything special. It’s a military woman with a hat. very good. But, again, nothing special.

The real reason this is a big deal is because, when Fortnite was in its infancy, people were calling it a children’s version of PUBG, the raccoon expert was one of the most popular skins of the game.

If you have a child who plays this game, they’ve probably asked you to buy some “skins” for your credit card and you’re probably “WHAT?” dont worry. What it is is simple skins. They are basically characters that you can play on Fortnite.

Recon Expert debuted as a normal, early skin. But, eventually, as the game progressed it disappeared and did not appear in the item shop again. So, basically, the only way for Recon Expert’s skin was to play the game when it first dropped in 2017. It turned into a badge proving an “OG” status on the Fortnite.

To this day, anyway.

With the OG skin back in the item shop, new players get a chance to buy it and play in it. Which is Mahan! As long as you have O.G. Because now, apparently, people won’t be able to tell if you’re special.

A lot of tears were flowing online. And, if I can be quite honest, without any good reason.

Again, this is just a skin. If I can be honest one more time, the skins are mostly dumb. On this particular game, most of them do not have special abilities or give you a competitive advantage. You just wear them. Just. You wear them

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Being upset about using someone else’s skin on your game is the same thing as getting upset about seeing someone, randomly on the street, with the same shirt as you. No more, like, a special shirt either. Just a regular, blue T-shirt that went out of stock 3 years ago and is back now.

For newcomers it is able to wear completely normal skin – especially if they are paying real money for it. Excuse me.

Also, calling OG anything after three years is dumb. They are the rules.

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China Approves Rein in Hong Kong, Resentment Across the World

Beijing ordered that a new law be written to expand many of mainland China’s security practices into Hong Kong, creating broader powers to spread unrest.

BEIJING – China officially has broad power to end the unrest in Hong Kong, as the country’s legislature unanimously approved plans to suppress subversion, secularism, terrorism on Thursday and undertake any such act. Permitted which may threaten national security in the paramilitary city.

As Beijing lays out the nuances of national security legislation in the coming weeks, the final rules will help determine Hong Kong’s fate, including how much the city’s autonomy will be protected or how much Beijing will strengthen its grip.

Initial indications from Chinese officials point to the status of the law once it comes into effect, which is expected by September.

Active groups may be banned. The courts can serve lengthy prison sentences for national security violations. China’s feared security agencies may operate openly in the city.

This week also the Chief Executive of Hong Kong indicated that some civil liberties may not be a permanent feature of Hong Kong life. “We are a very independent society, so over time, people have the freedom to say whatever they want to say,” said Chief Executive Officer Carrie Lam, “Rights and freedoms are not absolute.”

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The prospect of a national security law has fueled immediate impact in Hong Kong, where protesters are once again taking to the streets. The international community has also warned against violations of the city’s civil liberties.

The Trump administration indicated Wednesday that China’s move was likely to end some or all of the US government’s special trade and economic ties with Hong Kong. The State Department no longer considers Hong Kong to have significant autonomy, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a prerequisite for maintaining business conditions.

Clues on upcoming security legislation can be found in earlier templates: a 2003 bill in Hong Kong that was shaken by protests, and a law in another semi-autonomous Chinese city of Macau.

Treason, sabotage, segregation and treason were widely imposed in both, along with increasing law enforcement powers. Hong Kong law would have allowed raids without warrants if police believed national security would be jeopardized waiting for a judge – the prospect of which drew huge crowds of peaceful protesters.

Both bills made it easier for officials to win national security cases in court. Macau laws, for example, bar judges with foreign citizenship serving on panels hearing national security matters. Courts in Hong Kong have long relied on judges who immigrated to the city from the British Commonwealth, but retain passports from their home countries.

Legislation in Macau, a former Portuguese colony, has been essentially unused for the past 11 years. The authorities there prefer to take measures against occasional opposition under less attention-getting legislation. But unlike Hong Kong, Macau’s government has not faced a broad-based democracy movement that has attracted international sympathy.

Hong Kong’s political structure does not provide much relief from the new law. The city’s basic law and framework outlined in the Bill of Rights provide comprehensive protection for civil liberties. But a big exemption exists, like the National Security Act that Beijing is now drafting.

The United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights has both pieces of language structure. If national security is in danger, the covenant has six separate clauses, which allow rights to be restricted.

May 28, 2020 2 comments
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India and China Move in More Troops as Border Tension Rises

India and China : After several rounds of talks to ease tensions between nuclear-armed rivals failed, India has moved additional troops to its northern border as it prepares for an extended conflict with neighboring China.

An Indian government official said that China has already placed about 5,000 troops and armored vehicles along the disputed border in the Ladakh region. The official said that India is linking the number of cannons and cannons along the border to prevent incessant incursions by the Chinese Army.

The deadlock began on May 5, when troops collided on the banks of the Pangong Tso at an altitude of 14,000 feet in the Tibetan plateau – injuring scores of soldiers on both sides. Since then there has been a steady build-up of troops amidst face-to-face incidents. India and China on high alert due to rising border tension

The official said diplomats from New Delhi and Beijing began talks on May 22 and 23 after talks between Indian and Chinese military officials. The move to an undetermined border to prevent infiltration at two different locations of China’s 3,488 kilometers (2,167 mi) is a deviation from both nations’ earlier attempts to regain territory after fighting the war in 1962.

US President Donald Trump said in a tweet on Wednesday that he had offered to mediate. There was no immediate response from either India or China.
Beijing was committed to protecting peace and stability in the border areas, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in a regular briefing to the media on Wednesday, saying the two countries had good border-related mechanisms and communication advisories.

“We are following the important consensus reached by the two leaders and strictly following the agreements between the two countries,” Zhao said. “We are able to resolve these related issues properly through dialogue and consultation.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday discussed the deadlock with National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and the head of the Department of Defense, General Bipin Rawat, and the heads of its three armed services. The meeting centered around the options available to India, and it was decided to go the diplomatic route while maintaining a difficult military posture on the border.

Member of National Security Advisory Board of India.S. L. Narasimhan said, “Talks are going on at various levels to resolve the issue, which advises the Prime Minister’s Office.” “India will protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity and at the same time make all efforts to maintain peace and tranquility along the Indo-China border.”

Consolidated power

China’s action on the border coincides with its efforts to consolidate political and strategic positions across Asia. Its decision to implement new laws in Hong Kong poses a threat to an already deteriorating relationship with the US, adding to tensions in the South China Sea China by disrupting efforts by Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia, Because they want to exploit oil and gas. Fishing resources have closed its shores, while Beijing also carried out a sustained campaign to prevent Taiwan from joining the World Health Organization.

2020 China–India skirmishes – Wikipedia

The world’s second-largest economy is facing criticism from the US, Europe and Australia for dealing with the epidemic of coronavirus virus that was previously reported in China’s Hubei province. In return, China has accused the US of pushing the world into a “new cold war”.

Government officials said the current tensions with India could begin with the completion of a road and bridge in the Galawan sector of Ladakh. Under Modi, India is building a border infrastructure, which it says is not for a particular country, but for the development of remote areas. It has completed 74 strategic roads along the eastern border, with plans up to Finnish.

Officials said that although attacks on the Chinese border escalated last year when India changed the situation in Ladakh province to federal government control in August 2019, the stand is more serious than the Doklam conflict in 2017.

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“Indians have been increasing presence in the region for a long time, yet after all these decades, India has not found a way to deal with the gradual expansion of China,” Phunchok Stobdan, former Indian diplomat and author of the great game Buddhist Himalaya. . “The point is, why is China doing this and why now?”

May 27, 2020 2 comments
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Chaotic scene in Minneapolis after the second night of protests over the death of George Floyd

On May 27, thousands gathered for the second night of protests in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody.

MINNEAPOLIS – Thousands of people demonstrated on the streets here for a second night of protests – which later became chaotic as police fired rubber bullets from the roof, several buildings caught fire, and a man by a shop owner Was shot and killed – after a viral video showed a white police officer kneeling on the neck of a black man who later died.

In the evening a peaceful protest descended into chaos and looting. A group of officers stood in front of a nearby predecessor and tried to disrupt the crowd with flash bang grenades and rubber bullets. Sometimes, the tear gas was so thick, it fell on the streets of the neighborhood, where people standing in their front yard were coughing and wiping their eyes.

By 10 pm, there was a fire in an auto zone. Soon, other fires including a massive explosion erupted at a construction site. Meanwhile, a man was shot by the owner of a pawn shop and died in a hospital, after police told the Star Tribune that the robbers ransacked a target, foot locker and nearby small businesses.

Mayor Jacob Fray (D) has requested help from the state’s National Guard as local leaders plead for a peaceful settlement.

“Violence only forgets violence. More force is only going to lose more lives and lead to more devastation, “Rape. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) tweeted.

The scene came after the death of 46-year-old George Floyd on Monday after a white officer pinned the handcuffed father of two to the pavement outside a market where employees called police about a fake bill . A police encounter was caught on a viral video that has sparked national outrage and sparked current tensions in a community where police have long been accusing them of racism.

In a suburb of Oakdale, hundreds of protesters gathered outside Derek Chauvin’s home on Wednesday, which was captured on video with his knee on police officer Floyd’s neck. According to the Star Tribune, red paint was poured on Chauvin’s driveway, and the word “killer” was written on the garage door.

Fortnite’s ‘Recon Expert’ Skin is Back in Item Shop And it’s Fine

Police Chief Medaria Arradondo swiftly fired Chauvin after Floyd’s death along with three other officers involved, who were identified by officers Wednesday as Thomas Lane, Tau Tho and Jay Alexander Kung. President Trump tweeted on Wednesday that he had asked the FBI, which is investigating the death, to expedite his work, adding that “justice will be done!”

But the response from officials has done little to assimilate a community that says it has long been treated unfairly by local authorities and has called for the arrest of officers.

Protests here on Wednesday were reminiscent of those following the death of Philando Castile in 2017, who was sitting in his car after a traffic stop in a nearby suburb when an officer shot him.

When his nephew was killed, Clarence Castile made every effort to understand how something so terrible could happen: he learned about Peace Officer Standards and Training to learn the rules governing the use of force. Started attending sessions on the board. He became a St. Paul Police Reserve Officer. And, last year, he joined the task force convened by the state attorney general to help police develop recommendations about reducing deadly force encounters involving statewide.

But when he saw a video of Floyd’s encounter with the police this week, Castile was helped to overcome the sense of despair that he felt when his sister’s son died – the same feeling sick when he The bar makes any other fatal police incident news.

“Is anything really going to change?” Castile was surprised.

As demands for accountability from Floyd’s family, politicians, celebrities and other high-profile celebrities on both sides of the aisle, Frey (D) called the county prosecutor to arrest the officer who used his knee to stab Floyd’s neck. Did it by holding it. A move that is not approved by the agency or state licensing body.

China Approves Rein in Hong Kong, Resentment Across the World

Possibly emotionally, Frey said the precedent encouraged him “not to speak out.” Not for acting so fast. And I have wrestled with more than one basic question in the last 36 hours: Why is the man who killed George Floyd not in jail? ”

Yet with many high-profile, fatal police encounters in recent years, as well as efforts to reform – some activists can’t help but feel hopeless. Castile was one of them.

The task force came up with dozens of recommendations, including required law enforcement training on de-escalation skills and an independent unit within the State Bureau that investigated all uses of force by police officers, resulting in death or bodily injury. was. But in the wake of another tragic death, Castile said on Wednesday, the list of proposals felt like another piece of paper.

“We can come up with all the recommendations in the world. We can make all these new policies. Unless people follow these policies .. Read more

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